Why Is HTC Perfect for Windows RT Tablets?


HTC has gained a lot of popularity in US market and in fact, all the markets around the globe. This device makes best use of Android operating system, which effectively uses Java as platform. Java is platform independent language and is used in many operating systems for the best support. Android is open source, which means that users at any instant can make changes, like they do in LINUX OS. Android basically came to existence for touch screen devices and HTC is one of those devices, which make best use of this operating system. On the other hand, Windows RT is different in all respects. This means that RT uses Arm technology for its working and uses Windows operating system especially designed for windows mobiles i.e. tablets. Now the question over here arises that how both windows and Android are interrelated over here and how things work. Discussion over here is purely related to this query, which is in mind of every one of us.


Usage of processor matters a lot whenever there is a discussion related to mobile devices. Processor used in HTC is Qualcomm processor, which provides support to both Android and Windows touch altogether. This is one of the main reasons in support of its working on Windows RT tablets.

Microsoft and HTC:

Both Microsoft and HTC seem interrelated to phone makers because of Windows 8 operating system. The best example of this is HTC Windows 8X devices, which make best use of Windows 8.

Windows Signature:

HTC by acquiring legal permissions makes use of Windows 8 logo and informs the users about its worth.


The major thing, which is almost mandatory for every mobile device, is its design and development. HTC on RT tablets is awesome with respect to the design including awesome display, and screen size. Phone’s interface and Windows operating system allow superb usability, and it works at its best because it is lightweight and appealing in design.


HTC for Windows RT performs very fast because of high-quality processor. 1 GB RAM, Windows 8 OS, Dual-core technology, and many other performance oriented features do exist. One thing, which it lacks, is quad-core chip. Although, HTC One has this processor, but it has also many other equal processing features, like video-playing, gaming, and many other tasks along with multi-tasking, multi-processing, multi-sharing, and multi-programming features. Battery is one other reason of its working, which lasts for minimum 24 hours with use of internet and many features, and more than 24 hours without use of high-priority features.


Final Words:

Many other factors do exist but very few are mentioned over here. In addition to this, though HTC has proved to be the most popular device among mobile users yet it lacks many features, which original windows 8 supports.

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