What resources require to start SEO

SEO, most popularly known as Search Engine Optimization is a technique used as an online marketing tool to keep your website’s reputation on the top in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. As the name signifies, SEO is a technique or methodology that is followed to optimize your website as per the standards of popular search engines. These search engines have an algorithm code that is changed at frequent intervals according to which the bot or spider of the search engine crawls the website and indexes the pages in the website. Once this happens the website gets ranked in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The main motto of SEO is to get the website ranked as a first SERP on the search engine.


The first and foremost thing that is required to kick start SEO is a well-structure, well-designed, well-organized and completely professional looking website. The webmaster must ensure and build the website based on the various factors of SEO such as the page navigation, page load time, header and footer size, image size and quality and so on.

To ensure that SEO is on a steady progress and helps your website to be influenced by the techniques, it is vital to analyze the website on regular basis. Tools like SEOmoZ help you to do this; various factors such as the keywords used within the content, duplicate content issues, inbound and outbound links and its quality, and all the related stuff could be analyzed and monitored continuously with these tools.

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For a beginner, it is important that the webmaster understands all the factors of SEO through various guides available in the market. Some best guides for beginner’s SEO include, Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, Yahoo’s SEO basics and so on.

Keyword Research plays a major role in SEO. I would say, this is a factor that is prominent even before SEO strategies are rolled out. To ensure that you use the right keywords on various places of your website such as the titles, Meta tags, the actual content in the pages of the site, there are many tools available online and also as software applications that help in research and identifying the keywords.

Other resources such as Page Rank Checker, Domain Authority Checker and related tools help an SEO professional to identify the quality of websites from which link could be acquired from in the process of back link acquisition. To keep your website attractive, it is important to ensure and be active on social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Google plus and so on. Also, it is important to attract traffic to your website by adding visuals like infographics, comic story boards and so on.

Thus, with these basic resources and a pretty good understanding of the basic aspects of SEO and its importance for your website, online marketing is just so easy and will yield good results as it progresses time by time. Additionally at times, running paid ads through Google ad words could help you a lot to drive traffic and in turn leads and conversions.

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